The Creptter Children : Possessed

Ok, first up, this isn’t a new album. It was actually released in 2010. That said, back then it was only released in the band’s native country, Australia. Two years on and the mini album has finally made it across to European shores. Seriously? You could (theoretically at least) WALK to Australia in 2 years, well apart from the bits where you’d have to swim, naturally. Anyway all that aside, what’s the music like?

Well…. hang on just a minute, and I’ll tell you…

It’s certainly not genre specific, there’s a big mix of stuff in here but I guess overall it’s got a very industrial, kind of Rammstein, vibe. There are the electronic overtones, and some pounding rhythms that will leave you gasping for air. Combine all of that with some positively eerie vocals and you have something that sounds REALLY weird, but in a very good way.

The music is energetic, and for you metalheads out there, it certainly isn’t lacking in the “rock the crap out of you” department. It’s very much a two pronged attack though as the vocals are haunting and melodic but are overlayed with some VERY heavy music. It’s a really interesting mix of styles, but it works beautifully.

What’s more, the lyrics are dark and brooding in a Goth Horror kind of way, and this makes the overall feel of the album to be pretty menacing. While the electronic elements might not be to everyone’s tastes, I think they add another dimension to the music and elevate it into something different again.

My only complaint, is that at only eight songs in length, the album doesn’t give you enough. I want more, a lot more as it happens. This is OK though, because N8or and Iballa  are currently working on the next album, and with a bit of luck, they could be over in the UK in 2013. Personally, I can’t wait to see what they’re going to come up with next, and I’m waiting for it with baited breath. For more information on the band, check out their official site at