Textures Live at Damnation 2012

Textures by WendyElainePhotography.com / CackBlabbath

All the dashing about between stages is part of what makes the Damnation Festival so much fun. Truth be told it’s rare to get the chance to watch any full sets, but occasionally something comes along that you just can’t tear yourself away from.

Now I’m not the biggest fan of techy-proggy metal, but bloody hell Dutch outfit Textures were something else. This whole genre just always seems so much better live than on record to me, and so it proved with Textures who were tight, melodic and hugely entertaining. I was so glad that I was down at the barrier for this one as it was definitely an early contender for performance of the day.

A proper, festival experience, including getting smacked on the head by the first crowdsurfers of the day 🙂

At the time I thought “Well, no one is going to top that”, and that’s how it turned out, Textures were at a whole other level.

Brilliant stuff.

Photos by WendyElainePhotography.com.