Primordial Live at Damnation 2012

Primordial by / CackBlabbath

You know, when Nemtheanga roars “We are Primordial from the Republic of Ireland, are you fucking ready?… I SAID ARE YOU FUCKING READY ??” the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Yes… WE ARE READY !!!!!

Then they only go and bloody play No Grave Deep Enough. As the big man says “We haven’t got long, so we’re not going to fuck around”, and fuck around they indeed, erm, don’t.

Oh, and are Black Metal bands supposed to have sing-alongs?? Cos most of the people where I was were joining in the massive “Sing, sing, sing to the slaves” chant in As Rome Burns.

There were a lot of Black Metal bands on the bill (of various shades of black) but for power and sheer bloody showmanship none of them could even come close to this. After 21 years Primordial STILL show everyone else how it should be done.

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