The Elijah : I Loved I Hated I Destroyed I Created

The Elijah are a 5 piece, ambient rock band from North Shropshire. They take influence from bands such as ‘This Will Destroy You’ and ‘Devil Sold His Soul’. Their music is based around complex dynamics and orchestral layers that are paired with emotional, heart-felt vocals.

I put The Elijah’s debut album ‘I Loved I Hated I Destroyed I Created’ on random shuffle and the first song that came up was entitled ‘I hated’ and, to be honest, my immediate reaction was reflected in the song title. The vocals were almost solid death metal growling and I wondered what I’d let myself in for.

However, as I listened to more of the album, I started to warm to it, a bit. The Elijah has created an album of sonically intricate songs that tantalise and thrill your ears. Most of the songs start off with a hushed instrumental and gradually build into an overwhelming crescendo of guttural, raw – almost forced screaming before gently fading out again.

One of the good things about this album is that emotion is prevalent all the way through; the careful dynamics and orchestral layers of guitar, strings, piano and the softer, understated vocals offer a staggering range of emotions that the listener can easily identify with… and if they don’t? It’s screamed ferociously down their ears until they do!

Unfortunately towards the end of the album I did feel that it was starting to sound a little samey and the harsh vocals were starting to grate on me again, but with purely instrumental tracks like ‘In Regret’ being included, I think they redeem themselves by showing the skill and beauty of the music they make.

Screamed vocals may not be my cup o’ char, but you really have to praise The Elijah for trying to create music that is a little bit different and pushes people’s boundaries. If you’re a fan of this style of music, then I would certainly recommend checking these guys out.