Emmure Live at Manchester Academy

Emmure Live in Manchester by WendyElainePhotography.comNow, to be honest before this show I only really knew on Emmure song, the nattily titled Drug Dealer Friend, but inspite of my ignorance I was looking forward to seeing them live…. and judging by the expectant buzz from the packed crowd which preceded their set I wasn’t the only one.

And what can I say, I thought they were just brilliant.

Frontman Frankie Palmeri certainly has a knack for whipping a crowd into a frenzy, getting as close to ‘in yer face’ as the photo pit allows. It’s a cliche to describe a whatever-core band as energetic, but you could power a small city with the energy that Emmure give off.

People far more familiar with their material than I join in some massive sing-alongs as Palmeri gets the pits opened and the crowd well and truly fired up.He’s got an, erm, interesting vocal style. I’m sure there’s a technical description for his range, but I’ll settle for “impressive”.

And they played Drug Dealer Friend, so I got to join in one of the sing-alongs šŸ™‚

As an aside, it was really cool to see that after the set, rather than head out to the bus, Palmeri showed up at the merch table and spent a good while signing autographs and having his picture taken with the fans. Great bloke, great band and nd a performance which meant that Parkway Drive were going to have to deliver something special…

Photos by WendyElainePhotography.com