I Am I: Event Horizon

Whenever someone crafts a solo album after coming from a very popular band with a established sound, the public will always have one question on their minds; “Will it sound the same as before?”. Sometimes it does, but more often than not it is a chance for the artist to go out and try something new, away from the restrictions that playing within a well recognised and established sound has. This is the case with I Am I. ZP Theart was, in my humble opinion, one the unique things about DragonForce. His awesome vocals so distinguishably different from others in the Power Metal genre and it is with those awesome vocals that he gets to try something new with I Am I.

Still within the Power Metal genre, I Am I take a more traditional approach to their sound, trying to deter from the almost speed metal ways of DragonForce. They seem to want to say with the might of a proud warrior, “we are not DragonForce! We are I Am I!” and this is backed up by almost everything about them. The cover of their début album shows the planet earth travelling into a new place in the universe via a rift in space and time, showing a want for change and something new and even the band’s name ‘I Am I’ seems to say that “No, we’re not anything you’ve ever heard before. We are our own band.” The album title ‘Event Horizon’, a saying that means ‘the point of no return’ in physics also seems to back this up. The opening track “This Is My life” seems to be something personal for ZP and the last track “ Pave The Way” might be taken as his way of saying “Watch out world, I Am I are here to stay!”

The topics of change and renewal are ever present throughout this album. The guitar solos on ‘Event Horizon’ are crisp, clear and the riffs are downright catchy. ZP weaves his usual vocal magic and with awesomely lyrics choruses that will work wonders live as you can’t help but sing along to them. This works wonders with the how the rest of the band is arranged and although the speed metal element of ZP’s former band is not present in I Am I’s music that does not mean the pace has dropped as songs like ‘Cross the Line’ & ‘Silent Genocide’ show. But this does mean the album is just a one trick pony, throwing fast song after fast song at you either as tracks like ‘King In Ruins’ show.

I really enjoyed listening to Event Horizon, and truly hope they are here to stay. I Am I’s album is also available on a USB stick, as well as CD… in this age of digital media, perhaps this is the way forward?