Doro : Raise Your Fist

I always find myself in a precarious position when reviewing stuff from legendary musicians. I’ve always had a soft spot for Doro because she’s got a tremendous voice and knows how to rock. The thing is, when you really like someone you’re always apprehensive when they release something else as you’re never sure if it’s going to live up to expectations.

Thankfully there are no such problems with this album. Right from the off it comes at you like a bullet from a gun. The opening track is a rebellious anthem that sets you up for what is to come. This is one of those classic sounding rock releases that I like so much. Doro’s voice has lost absolutely none of the power that she’s renowned for, and for most of the album it’s right there at the front.

On the track featuring that little known guy Lemmy though, they went along the road of doing a ballad. An unusual choice of song I’m sure you’ll agree, but both of the vocal styles work surprisingly well together. Also, there are tracks in both English and German. Rammstein whether you like them or not, made singing in German ‘cool’ and I admit to not having a clue what anyone is singing, but when the music is that good who cares? Right?

The German tracks don’t divert from the quality of music on display, and not understanding the words doesn’t take anything away from the overall feel, although an English translation wouldn’t go amiss, and hopefully that might be included in the general release.

Raise Your Fist is simply a stunning album, I can’t fault it at all. It has great music, great vocals, and, best of all, great songs. I’ll admit that it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and I guess I’m writing from a fan’s point of view rather than the sensible journalist’s perspective, but it’s hard to be objective about something you’re passionate about so I usually don’t try.

Yes I’m a fan, and yes I love this album.

Does it stack up to the earlier releases? Yes, I believe it does. As a rock album, it’s up there with the best that 2012 has had to offer.

It’s straight forward classic rock, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s a tried and tested formula and if you can take that and do something with it to this degree of quality then people are going to like it, it’s really as simple as that. Doro is one of the true legends of rock, and this album does nothing but add more clout to that statement. Yes you should give this album a listen, as this is an example of how to make a classic record. That is all.