Roll on Three : S/T E.P.

Before I start, I will admit that my discovery of this band was completely by chance, but my God, what a find they were. On a rather dull and rainy Scottish evening, I happened to find myself in the Banshee Labyrinth in Edinburgh, where I stumbled across the mighty Roll on Three. The energy this Edinburgh based foursome exude on stage is absolutely incredible and it appears they have had very little difficultly translating this onto their newly released, self-titled EP.

Their debut release comes in at just under thirty minutes, featuring six tracks of pure metal gold. Opening track My Lost Way is an instantly catchy number featuring groovy riffs, solid drum beats and a vocalist that could rival Phil Anselmo. The bluesy, stoner metal sound comes across well in the recording and the choice of tracks shows the diversity of the band. Favourite song for me is Born to Reign Hell. It’s a solid track which displays the ability of vocalist Adam Holt perfectly and the changes of tempo and rhythm show how in synch the band are.

After listening to this EP and having the benefit of catching Roll on Three live, I can confirm several things for sure. These guys are tight as fuck as a unit, clearly passionate about what they do and well worth giving a listen if you fancy something fresh, raw and straight from the grimy dungeons of the Edinburgh metal scene.

There are two things you should take from this review. Firstly – Support your local metal scene. You never know what dirty little gem you might come across. Secondly – get your ass to and download a copy of the EP for free. You won’t regret it.