HRH6 Preview : Interview with Trucker Diablo

Once again the Big Truck rolls into North Wales. We spoke to Trucker Diablo frontman Tom Harte about the band’s incredible year so far, and the plans for the future

So when CackBlabbath last bumped into The Big Truck at Scruffys in July, when you co-headlined our CackBlabbath Presents show, you had a rather large support slot looming, with some band called Foo Fighters, and you were talking about it then being a quiet run in to the end of the year…..but its been anything but so what went “wrong”?

Lol yeah I know, the Foos show was amazing, huge stage, we met Dave and Taylor too, really nice guys, and it did us the world of good back home in Belfast with getting the Trucker name even more out there! Then we had the 1st leg of Terrorvision’s UK tour, 3 shows, 2 of which were sold out, the fans were great, very welcoming. We’re currently in the studio recording album no2, but last weekend we escaped to open up for Bonafide in The Diamond Rock Club, and then of course in December we have Hard Rock Hell playing the main stage on Sunday, absolutely can’t wait for that! And a week or so later we’re opening for Thin Lizzy in Belfast as well, so yeah, we kinda screwed up our quiet end to the year lol its all good though!

So we’re just over 2 years down the line since your debut album came out, you’ve played Twitrfest (the biggest one, obviously) Download, Hammerfest, opened for Black Stone Cherry, Ginger Wildheart, Ricky Warwick, Foo Fighters, Terrorvision, Bonafide and these gigs coming up in December……what do you want to achieve in 2013?

Yeah the last 12 months have been amazing as far as gigs have been concerned. Next year we want to break new ground, we’ve been talking about playing in America for a while now, and it looks like next year could be the year, our label Ripple are backing the plan, so its one area we’re focusing on. Also a French label has licensed our debut from Ripple and is re-releasing and promoting it in France and Benelux regions early next year, so we will need to do promo for that as well, there is talk of some acoustic and band gigs being lined up early 2013 to help promote that over there. And ofcourse we want to play more shows in the UK and Ireland, and jump on to some festivals… with any luck it’ll be a very busy year!

Last year of course you were one of the Highway to Hell showcase winners, which got you the Hammerfest slot, do you see Hard Rock Hell being any different to Hammerfest?

Well from our point of view we can go with a more natural Trucker set list, at Hammerfest, with it
being heavier bands, we loaded the set with some of our heavier material, and it was received well, Hard Rock Hell has a more rock than metal vibe, and it’ll be our 5th trip to the UK mainland this year so people are getting to know us more, so I’d say the set list may well pick itself, and you’ll definitely be hearing new material as well!

You’ve mentioned you’re in the studio at present, and I know you’ve been road testing new material this year, so hows the new album progressing?

Well as of today, we’re about 90% done with the recording, all the main instruments and vocals are done, some tweaks to do then we move on to mixing and mastering. Its gonna be called Songs of Iron and should be out on Ripple in the first quarter of 2013 if all goes to plan. As with Drink Beer,
Destroy we’re in talks about getting a couple of the tracks into Rock Band 3 on Xbox as well.

Have you noticed any differences this time around in the studio?

We’re using the same studio and producer, Frankie at Einstein Studios, but we’re a lot more prepared this time, we’ve played a lot of the songs live at various times, to see how they sound etc so unlike TheDevil Rhythm, where we worked a lot of the stuff out in the studio, the majority of the songs this time round were fully completed in my “Rock Shed” weeks and months before hitting the studio!

Thanks Tom, Trucker Diablo are on Stage 1 on Sunday at 12.55pm, so get the hangovers cleared we’ll see you down the front for some more Drink Beer, Destroy!