Blood Red Shoes : Water EP

Brighton duo, Blood Red Shoes, are set to start of 2013 with a bang with their new EP Water, due for release on January 21st. These guys had a fantastic twelve months in 2012: A tour with Gaslight Anthem, appearances at Reading and Leeds and the release of their third album, In Time to Voices, were just a few of their highlights. After listening to Water, it seems this trend is very much set to continue.

The EP consists of just the three tracks and has an overall stripped back, raw, rocky feel to it. For me it feels like they have turned their sound up a notch and returned to their rockier roots of their first album, Box of Secrets (2008), after producing a slightly more mellow sound over the last few years.

The release opens with Red River, an up-tempo number with a punky vibe to it, which sets the tone nicely for the record as a whole. Laura-Mary Carter’s vocals on this track appear effortless and sexy on top of the grungy guitar riffs. Second track, Black Distractions showcases Steven Ansell’s vocals with a catchy chorus and further impressive guitar work from Laura-Mary. This track is also available as a free download. Idle Hands is the final track and is slower in tempo but still kicks a punch and gives the impression that 2013 could be an even bigger and better year for these English rockers.

If you are looking for a band who are easily accessible, but a little bit different from the average rock music currently being produced, give these guys a go. Water is a pretty short offering in length but it gives you a good feel of what Blood Red Shoes are all about and will leave you wanting more.

You can stream Water from the band’s website here: