Bright Color Vision : Carousel

Bright Color Vision (Yeah, I know, they spell Colour wrong šŸ˜‰ are 4 Polish blokes who have set up home in London. They sent us this CD a while back, and it got stuck in the massive backlog of the past couple of months. Well better late than never I finally popped Carousel in the CD player..

Worth the wait then ??

Well first things you notice about Carousel is that opening track Letarg is a)A solid, rousing example of what a good, melodic metal song should be and b) sung in Polish. (well I assume it’s Polish… They’re from Poland so it’s a safe bet… Throughout the album frontman Wojtek Grzybek sings in both Polish and English with equal style and panache. Now I can’t comment on the quality of the Polish lyrics, but Bright Color Vision don’t exhibit any language difficulties with the English ones, and you just can’t beat a well written song with proper words šŸ™‚

Carousel is one of those rare albums, one that you listen to once then have to immediately play again just to see if it REALLY was as good as it appeared on first impression. Well after a fair bit of listening and re-listening I can say that, for me, it wasn’t.

It was better.

And it gets better with each listen.

The thing is, it’s just unusual to have a band who tick ALL the boxes quite this decisively, memorable songs… check, intelligent, meaningful lyrics… check, tunes you can whistle along to… check and a singer who can do justice to the delivery… check.

Brilliant stuff.

Stylistically Bright Color Vision draw some of their influences from the US grunge movement, but with the occasional prog-metal twists. Say what you like about that whole scene, there’s no denying that bands like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden injected a certain something into the rock scene, and with Carousel, Bright Color Vision have captured the same vibe in 2012.

Interested to find out for yourself ?? You can download the album from the band’s Bandcamp page at