Moghul : Dead Empires

The last couple of years have been something of a golden age (if you can call it that) for all things Doom, Sludge and Stoner. This has led to loads of similar sounding bands vying for your attention at the lowest reaches of the audible spectrum.

The latest release seeking to carve out a niche in this, erm, niche is Dead Empires from Birmingham’s Moghul. The band formed in 2012, and this is their debut EP, out now on Devizes records.

While many of their contemporaries are trying to push the extremes of what is achievable in their chosen genre, whether that’s being the fastest thrash band, the widdliest tech band or the most downtuned, feel it in your guts doom band, Moghul have a neat ability to craft proper tunes rather than just make rumbling noises. Both tracks on here convey an atmosphere of despair and anguish, an atmosphere enhanced with classic dirty riffs, outstanding vocals and everything is topped off by a production job has left enough of the fuzzy, rough edges to give a properly analogue and organic feel. The accompanying PR blurb describes it as “a massive epic sonic odyssey”, and for once that’s right on the mark.

Oh, and although this release may consist of only two tracks but don’t think you are being short changed, their combined running time is 23 and a bit minutes.

Yep, those Moghul lads certainly know how to forge a tune. They’ve captured the vibe of Doom’s 70s heyday but twisted and subverted it into something which takes the listener on some unexpected turns.

It’s still heavy as fuck though….

The E.P. has been released on Vinyl, with a limited run on black, and an even more limited run (of only 80 copies) on ultra sexy pressed in clear green. They are available at and, like all the releases from Devizes Records, they are things of beauty. Both editions are hand numbered by the band and come with an artcard.

Put the needle in the groove, crank the volume up and Dead Empires will certainly shake foundations, but it’s much more than just that. If you’re a fan of that stoner / sludge vibe then this is something that you need in your life.It’s only January, but if this is any indication of what is to come 2013 is going to be another incredible year.

Dead Empires is also available for your listening pleasure, and download, at