Barbe-Q-Barbies : Breaking All The Rules

‘Barbe-Q-Barbies’ has got to be one of the most unusual names I’ve come across in Rock music. The name conjured up several images of what I expected the band to look and sound like; including banjo playing hill-billy’s complete with gingham shirts and hairy, scary metal men using the name as an ironic statement. However, the reality turned out to be 5 attractive young women from Finland!

On doing some further research about the band, I found out that they’ve already released one album – ‘All over you’, which has certainly divided opinions. This just added to my intrigue, so I put the Barbie’s new album ‘Breaking all the rules’ on with an open mind, eager to hear what the fuss was about.

The music centers around AC/DC-esque riffs and front woman Niki’s soulful, blues rock voice. While she may not have the most powerful voice in rock, her tone and style really works well with the bluesey, somewhat sleazy sounding riffs. ‘STFU’ is probably my favourite song on the album; the driving riffs and aggression in the vocals really make the song come alive and help to convey the girl’s raw emotions.

Although the girls light hearted take on rock music has split opinions, I like their somewhat tongue in cheek approach. Lyrically, some of the songs might fail to impress but in my opinion the girls have created an album that is packed full of fun. The songs are catchy with memorable choruses and injected with some real rock attitude and sassiness to boot.

If you’re looking for a rock album you can dance and sing along to, then the Barbie’s ‘Breaking all the rules’ is definitely for you.