CB Spotlight : Blackwolf

There seems to be something of an abundance of highly talented new bands emerging in the UK at the moment. For too long “southern” rock in all it’s forms has held sway, but maybe that is about to change and traditional swaggering British rock’n’roll is about to be the global Next Big Thing. This new wave is gathering momentum all the time, with bands like The Treatment already making waves across the globe and supporting mega-bands on their mega-tours.

So who’s going to be next to break through to the big time ? Well if you’re looking to lay a bet, you could do a lot worse than put your money on Bristol natives Blackwolf. The band’s debut EP “Taking Root” hinted at great possibilities, and it was a promise that was more than delivered on by a stunning performance at Hard Rock Hell last year.

What Blackwolf do isn’t particularly new, but they do it brilliantly and it’s delivered with enough of a twist to give them a distinctive edge. Well written, anthemic, fist in the air songs with unforgettable hooks and massive sing-along choruses delivered with passion and attitude are just part of the story, there’s a depth here… a proper affinity with the music they are playing that is bereft of any gimmick or doffing of the cap to scene or fashion.

The band are hitting the road with The Union in February, so what are you waiting for ? Go check ’em out.

Band Name : Blackwolf

Current Lineup

Scott Sharp – Lead Vocals
John Greenhill – Lead Guitar
Jason Cronin – Rhythm Guitar
Ben Webb – Bass Guitar
Tom Lennox-Brown – Drums

Brief History

First hitting local Bristol stages in 2010, BlackWolf’s success has been gathering momentum. In September 2010, after driving through multiple rounds and some 12,000 bands that also took part, they reached the Surface Unsigned final at the o2 Arena in London. Receiving wide positive reviews from fans and critics alike, their next success saw them securing a place on one of the biggest motorcycle festivals in Europe, the 2011 Bulldog Bash Festival which fetched some 40,000 people in attendance. As well as these successes BlackWolf have secured multiple note-worthy support slots for the likes of London-based hard rockers Voodoo Six, Electric Eel Shock, Beatallica and the critically acclaimed Birmingham rock band, Voodoo Johnson. After minor line-up adjustments over the New Year, the new and improved face of BlackWolf hit 2012 hard after supporting Roadrunner Record’s signing Revoker on their Bristol date during their 2012 headline tour. BlackWolf recorded their self-released début EP ‘Taking Root’ in March 2012 at Junkyard Studios Newport, Wales. The EP ‘Taking Root’ was co-produce by former Skindred guitarist Jeff ‘Death’ Rose and was released 2nd June 2012. Taking Root has gained the band frequent radio airtime as well as helping them land a spot on this years Highway To Hell competition in Glasgow for a chance to play Hard Rock Hell 2012 and the following Hammerfest festival. BlackWolf were also invited back to play Bulldog Bash 2012.

Career Highlight

Reaching the 2010 Surface Unsigned Final, being selected to play the 2011 and the 2012 Bulldog Bash Festival and recording our début EP.

Future Plans

To land the right management and to tour the UK and hopefully venture overseas.

Tell us something interesting about the band…

Band conversations are almost always delivered in one-liners and re-enacted scenes stolen from Family Guy, South Park and pretty much any Will Ferrell movie, making it nearly impossible for anyone outside these day-to-day antics to understand what the hell it is we’re actually talking about.

Ideal tourmates ?

Slash, The Answer, Rival Sons, Black Stone Cherry, Black Spiders and  pretty much any of the big Rock giants such as Led, AC/DC and Black Sabbath

And what would be on the rider ?

A medley of Ginsters pasties, garishly coloured cupcakes and a healthy stack of Family Guy……beers and XBox go without saying!

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