Blackwolf Live at Manchester Academy

One of the great things about doing a site like CackBlabbath is discovering new bands that would otherwise, in all probability, totally pass you by, and one such band is Bristol’s Blackwolf. Among the piles of review submissions that arrive in the CB inbox, theirs stood out and marked the band down as one to watch for the future.

Unfortunately duties in the press area meant that I missed the opportunity to catch the guys at Hard Rock Hell, but after hearing some glowing reports on their performance I was determined to make up for that at the earliest opportunity. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long as they are presently on a jaunt round the country opening up for The Union, so a trip to Manchester on a snowy Wednesday night was in order.

New (ish) band supporting headliner with a fairly dedicated fanbase, first night of the UK tour.. This was going to be interesting

So… How long do you think it took these newbies to get the crowd singing along ? I mean how many support bands have you seen try to get some audience participation going and fall flat on their faces ?? Well not a problem for these guys. In Scott Sharp, Blackwolf have a confident and engaging frontman who clearly isn’t shy when it comes to getting the audience involved. Comparatively new and relatively unknown they may be but Blackwolf had an immediate impact and were soon getting a response that many a headline act would be happy with.

The whole band looked totally at home on stage, and if this first night of the tour was causing them any nerves then it definitely didn’t show from where I was standing. It’s a pity that they had virtually no space in which to operate, squeezed into a narrow space in front of the headliner’s drumkit and backline with barely enough room for the mic stand.

I kinda get the feeling that Scott isn’t used to standing still šŸ™‚

Now I know there are a load of decent proper old school “classic” Rock’n’Roll bands emerging in the UK scene at the moment. Well on the basis of last year’s EP and tonight’s performance Blackwolf deserve to be counted among the very best of them. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a support band perform with quite this much swagger and confidence, and they certainly have the musical abailities and, more importantly, the songwriting nous to back up that attitude.

It’s a well worn journalistic cliche that a band’s set wasn’t long enough, but for me it’s rarely been more true than it was of these guys, you get the feeling that, as impressive as they were, after half an hour they were just getting started.

If you get the chance to go see ’em on The Union tour take it, Blackwolf is a name you’re definitely going to be hearing a lot more in the future.