A Thousand Enemies Live in Derby and Interview with Bane

Now I know that CackBlabbath have a habit of missing first-bands-on, but this time it wasn’t our fault dammit. Derby Assembly Rooms has a wonderful car parking setup that means you can’t actually see the queue to get into the multi-storey until you’re stuck in it. And stuck in it we were, watching time tick by stuck in a line of gullible idiots off to see fake celebrity medium Derek Acorah.

Actually, isn’t “fake” and “medium” a tautology ?? Anyway, I digress..

Now ordinarily this wouldn’t be a problem, but on this occasion Hell’s hometown show was being opened by A Thousand Enemies, a band who blew us away at the New Disorder festival last year. Tight, melodic and heavy as feck, A Thousand Enemies have a lot going for them, and this gig presented a perfect opportunity to see how they did on a bigger stage in front of a (hopefully) bigger crowd.

Well the answer to that is… brilliantly. Half of “Valve” (and that’s all we caught of their set, stupid car park) may not be long to make a judgement, but walking into the venue and seeing it packed wasn’t a bad sign.

Following the band’s updates on Facebook in the run up to the gig it did look like they were, erm, slightly apprehensive (i.e. bricking it) about how things would go but judging by the smiles on their faces by the time we got there any nerves had been well and truly vanquished and they were loving every second of what can’t be far off the biggest night of their career.

Keep an eye out for the name A Thousand Enemies, it’s one you’re going to be hearing a lot more of.

Still buzzing from the performance, we spoke to frontman Bane after the show…

As the first band on, bit of a relief to see that people had made the effort to come out early ?

Yeah it was fantastic to see the massive amount of support we were given, loads of familiar faces as well as tonnes of new! We’re truly grateful to all our fans for turning out early and ripping the roof off with us.

How did you land the gig ? Supporting Hell in their hometown(ish) is quite a big deal

Kev Bower and David Beckford (HELL) both come out regularly and watch unsigned and upcoming bands on the local scene, they’d been to a few of our gigs, liked what they saw and we became friends. As soon as they got the Derby gigplanned and booked, we had an email from HELL asking us if we’d open for them. It was such an honour to play alongside such an awesome band, we were never gonna turn it down. Proper buzzin!!! Since the gig was booked in, Kev Bower has also collaborated with us and composed the intro to our upcoming debut album. How bostin is that?

In terms of the band’s career so far, how did that gig measure up ?

Considering we’ve only been gigging together for a exactly a year, we’ve done some unbelievable shows! We’d only played two gigs and was booked to play the awesome HAMMERFEST based on our performances. We also played main stage ROCK AND BLUES, had three shows last year at Rock City which is the biggest venue to play around our local scene, and also we were invited to play two slots at the mighty BLOODSTOCK FESTIVAL, acoustic Jager stage and the New Blood stage. All of these gigs, as well as loads of shows that we’ve done over our bostin first year have meant the world to us and we’re truly humbled to have been able to do them. The HELL gig was another massive gig for us and we thank all of the guys for having faith in us and giving us a shot on their stage. It’s hard to measure any of those kind of gigs against each other, they’re all amazing. Although on a personal note, having had my own fair share of demons to resolve over this past year, the HELL gig was massively important to me in such a way as it was the first gig of the year for us, a year that I’ve swore to turn my life around and sort out a lot of the headfucks I’ve been faced with. I needed it to go right, and it did, big time.

When I’ve seen you guys before it’s been in smaller venues, nice to have a bit of space on stage to move around ?

It was brilliant matey, what a stage to play on! It’s great to get that kind of experience and play through such a huge PA. The sound was fantastic and the whole experience was just top notch. I could get used to it anyway.

What did you make of Hell ?

HELL are legends matey, a fantastic band and a really great bunch of guys. Their stage show is unrivalled and you are guaranteed to walk out of a HELL gig with a massive smile on your face after every show. The theatricals are breathtaking, the lighting, the show, the story behind it all. Full on awesome! A truly great band that everyone needs to witness.

Finally, inspired by that show, you going to try coming on stage wearing stilts ?

LOL! As much as I loved what I saw, I think I’ll leave the stilts to Dave. I’m happy to be a short, stubby tank on stage. I don’t think any of our fans would want me any different either

You’ve made a load of new friends tonight, any last words for your fans ?

I just wanna say a massive thank you again to everyone for supporting us, either at the shows, online or however you guys are listening to our choons. You’ll never know just how much it means to us so huge hugs from me and the guys. We have a video coming out for ya over the next couple of months so keep ya eyes open