Jager Music Tour : Ghost Live in Sheffield

Right, how to review Ghost’s performance at the Academy when the 2013 JagerTour stopped by Sheffield.. How about this…




There. How’s that ? Because that’s pretty much the reaction that the mysterious Swedes had on me right from the first seconds of their set. Now as regular readers will both know I do like a bit of theater with my music, and there is no one who does it quite like Ghost. The indistinguishable (well apart from the instruments they were holding) Nameless GhoulsĀ  came on stage in their totally anonymous monastic cowls while the dry ice billowed around the ecclesiastical stage set. The smell of incense hung heavy in the air as the masked ball intro ran and it’s fair to say I was hooked by the whole sense of occasion even before the head of this dark order, Papa Emeritus II, made his appearance.


Yep, I said Squee.

You see I was in the photo pit for this, and had no idea what to expect when this tall, imposing figure resplendent in papal-esque garb and a demonic skull like visage arrived, arms outstretched in some dark, bizarre benediction.

Fuck Sake, If I couldn’t get good photos here I was going to give up šŸ™‚

I remember the first time I heard Ghost’s debut album Opus Eponymous, and how it wasn’t at all what I expected. Well Ghost live were nothing like I expected. I mean people had told me they were good, but I just wasn’t prepared for quite how good they were. Familiar tracks like Con Clavi Con Dio and Stand By Him take on a whole new dimension live, and the generous selection of new tracks that were given an airing bodes well for the imminent arrival of the band’s new album.

Band of the night, and a fairly safe bet for one of the gigs of 2013. Can’t wait to see them again at Download, here’s hoping for maybe a warm up date or two as well, Papa willing.