Jager Music Tour : Gojira Live in Sheffield

France’s best known metallers Gojira were a very welcome addition to the 2013 Jagertour lineup. Last time they toured on this side of the channel it was one of the gigs of 2012, and the chance to see thm, plus two other top bands, for only Ā£5 was not one to be missed..

Especially as the tour actually came to Sheffield, so I could have a beer šŸ™‚

The Defiled had got the crowd well and truly warmed up, and by the time Gojira took to the stage there was a proper party atmosphere in the usually pretty soulless Sheffield Academy. Lā€™enfant Sauvage is an album that seems to get better with each listen, and I swear Gojira get better with each performance. Visually impressive and musically awesome, this was a proper rock show from a band as tight, precise and brutally heavy as anyone out there. Put simply, they are one of the best live metal bands on the planet.

The only question that remained after their set was… How on earth were Ghost going to follow that ?