Buffalo Summer Live at HRH AOR

This 4 piece are from South Wales, but you could be forgiven for thinking they were from America’s deep south with the music they play! Channeling all that is good from the likes of The Black Crowes, Raging Slab, Lynyrd Skynyrd et al, infused with a good amount of themselves, they hit a groove that leaves you wanting to shake your money maker and join in the fun!

Like the Crowes and Skynyrd before them this group boasts a brothers vibe in the forms of drummer Gareth and singer Andrew Hunt, the line-up completed by guitarist Jonny Williams and bassist Darren King. These guys are great musicians with a tight, full sound and genuinely look like a proper band, properly loving what they do – Andrew seems to be channelling Chris Robinson’s moves (and wearing his purple bell-bottoms)– but with a face wreathed in smiles that are truly infectious, a MUST SEE band.

Stand out tracks for me were Down to the River,  Typhoid Mary and newie Priscilla. Go find them on the internet, buy the CD (available on Amazon from 15th April), see them live..you’ll love it and leave smiling. My personal choice as band of the weekend without a doubt…haven’t been as excited, buzzed and danced out at the end of a gig since I first saw The Black Crowes back in ’91….take it as a compliment boys please because coming from me it REALLY is…long may this particular summer last.