Iron Knights Live at Hammerfest 5

Iron Knights looked as though they had literally crawled from the wreckage of Stuka Squadron as they graced the Hammerfest stage. Dressed in military and battle uniform complete with a good splattering of blood, the Lords of the Un-dead arrived on stage with a great amount of drama. Backs turned to the audience for the opening bars, it’s only when vocalist James bursts onto the stage that the show erupts into action with a fierce cry of “Let the metal commence”.

The band delivered a superb collection of their military history inspired traditional heavy metal. Drawing from their latest album ‘New Sound of War’, they certainly put on a show and with crushing drums and the all-important twin guitars, they sound the part too.  It’s hard to take your eyes off James as he swarms around the stage, leading the charge and the crowd certainly got into it too. The denim and leather clad crowd assembled down at the front and replicated Iron Knights energy step-for-step.

Like many bands over the weekend, the set was dedicated to Clive Burr by Iron Knights, and of all the bands of the weekend; the ‘Most Maiden’ award would have to go to Iron Knights. Brilliant traditional galloping metal with plenty of theatre added into the mix.

New song ‘Destroyer’ sounded just as great and hints that Iron Knights are only going to get better. Catch them on tour when they invade a place near you.