Credo Live at HRH Prog

We arrived in the massive refrigerated barn of the main Prog stage just in time to catch the end of veteran prog-meisters Credo. Now arriving in time to only hear one song is usually bad form, but as front man Mark Colton said “This is our last song, but as we’re a prog band…”

So plenty of time to form an opinion then, and even shoot off a few photos from the smallest photo pit I’ve ever seen…

As an old-school Marillion and Genesis fan I kinda took an immediate liking to Credo, in particular guitarist Tim Birrell (“the best guitarist on the bill today”, according to Mark) who was constantly demanding attention with some simply sublime six-string dexterity that was so understated in it’s delivery that you almost did a double-take.

Now there were some bands who appeared on the main stage over the weekend from the po-faced school of Prog, but not so Credo. Mark was a genuinely engaging frontman, never appearing to take things TOO seriously, for example introducing the last song as “Grendel’s Supper’s Ready”, or announcing “If you like us we’re called Credo, if not we’re called Landmarq” (a quip aimed at guest drummer, Landmarq’s Danny Martin). 🙂

This is the sort of progressive rock I grew up listening to, and what a way to kick things off. First band on, loved ’em. Credo have moved straight to the top of my “must see again” list, and I suggest you go check them out too.

This was going to be a great weekend..

If they could get the heaters working…