Danny Vaughn Live at HRH AOR

Danny Vaughn must surely be a contender for nicest man in rock (don’t believe me, check out out interview below), …and also for best voice, not to mention his songwriting ability. His live shows are always something to look forward to, and he didn’t disappoint tonight.

He gigs pretty much constantly round the UK, and it was great to see him play a ‘plugged in’ set for a change, as the last couple of times I’ve seen him have been his stunning acoustic shows.

Ever the consummate pro, technical problems were overcome with professionalism and so didn’t detract from the performance at all, or leave the crowd feeling edgy as lesser performers can sometimes do when the gremlins are against them.

Danny injects a lot of warmth and humour into his performance and even if you don’t know any of his solo work he is always worth a watch ā€“ you are in safe hands. Tonight we were treated to some of the highlights (and some rarities) from his extensive back catalogue in an hour-and-a-bit that just wasn’t long enough. Running time issues meant that Danny had to cut a couple of songs.

It’s always good to hear tracks that aren’t often played live given an airing, and the selection of more recent material in the set proved (if proof was necessary) that there is far more to this talented songwriter than just living on past glories….

Although that said the highlight for me was a rousing rendition of the Tyketto standard ‘Seasons’ šŸ™‚

Danny Vaughn is simply one of those ‘must see’ artists I would encourage any music fan to go see…so GO SEE HIM!!!