Absolva Live at Hammerfest 5

While the majority of Hammerfest’s faithful were stood around wondering where Hatebreed were, those in the know ventured to the second stage where Absolva tore North Wales a ‘new one’.  Chris Appleton and Martin McNee are Hammerfest veterans to say the least. Fury UK put on one or two performances over the years that stick out as some of the best the festival has seen in its history. Absolva had big footsteps to fill then…

Now a foursome, Chris Appleton‘s men can bang out a rather more traditional sound than his previous band, and boy do they take advantage of it. Maiden, Priest and (insert your choice of heavy metal heroes), Absolva suck it all the great influences in and come out with exactly what you’d expect: Traditional Heavy Metal.

Don’t take that as denigration though. It’s traditional heavy metal that is very damn admirable. For a band in relative infancy, they’ve got some killer songs to unleash. ‘Code Red‘ and ‘Flames of Justice‘ stick out in the memory but the whole performance was a master class in how to make people headbang and grin like a pillock for an hour! An exclusive track was aired from an upcoming DVD too; ‘Killing Season’ sounds splendid.

It was a performance that was up there with the Fury UK ones of the past. More importantly they displayed the potential to go much further. See ya next year on the main stage!