TesseracT Live at HRH Prog

One of the more, erm, interesting additions to the HRH Prog line-up was the not particularly prog but always bloody good TesseracT. Now the first couple of times I saw the band they were on one of their (frequent) between-vocalist periods, but it looks like it’s 5th time lucky as new-ish boy Ashe O’Hara showed exactly why he got the job with an acappella sound check that got a bigger cheer than some bands managed with their actual set šŸ™‚

TesseracT seemed to morph from a soundcheck straight into the set without a pause, which did lead to a moment of “Oooh, they’ve started”, but we were soon off and running with one of the sets of the weekend. Ashe is at his best on the new material from their upcoming album but there’s enough old stuff to keep the most die hard fan happy, including an awesome rendition of One.

I wasn’t sure exactly how TesseracT were going to go down, but after they weeded out the die-hard bearded proggers in the first couple of minutes (some VERY confused looks.. a metal band… at a prog festival… Are those.. RIFFS ???!!!) they went on to demonstrate exactly why they are one of the UK music scene’s most hotly tipped names

Tech Metal for sure, Djent by association, and Progressive by nature, TesseracT are always difficult to pin down genre wise, but if they’re prog then it’s a very different vein to everyone else on the bill.

Progressive maybe, but Prog ? šŸ˜‰

Go see ’em on the upcoming tour, before they go and get all huge….