The Barbe-Q-Barbies Live at HRH AOR

Sometimes, it’s definitely worth getting out of bed a bit earlier than planned in order to catch the first band on, and at HRH AOR that was definitely the case as the main stage activity was being kickstarted by the Barbe-Q-Barbies. Here at CackBlabbath we’re big fans of both of their albums to date, so the opportunity to finally see them live was not to be missed.

The cavernous main room was already pretty busy by the time the 5 Finnish ladies took to the stage, and the crowd very quickly warmed to their attitude fuelled punked-up rock.

The Barbe-Q-Barbies have an awful lot going for them, I don’t know of another all-girl group who pack quite this much energy into their performances, and although the “all-girl” tag may get curious punters in through the doors, it’s the songs, the riffs and the energy that keeps ’em there and gets the whole place bouncing.

First band on they maybe, but for me the Barbe-Q-Barbies were one of the highlights of the whole weekend.. and not just because they are smokin’ hot šŸ˜‰

Girls, come back soon please….