The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown Live at HRH Prog

The imminent arrival on stage of the legend that is Arthur Brown is preceeded by the appearance of 8 ft high tribal figures which form the band’s stage set backdrop, and it’s pretty clear straight off that this is going to be something a bit, erm, different…

…and so it proves to be. And a bit mental.. yep, different AND mental.

What more could you ask for ?

Over the course of the next hour we are treated to a non-stop kaleidoscope of sound and colour that must be just about as close to tripping as you can get without indulging in illegal substances. Facepaint, flamenco dancing and, of course, Fire meant the The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown packed more visually memorable moments into their set than just about all the other Prog bands on the bill put together. It’s taken years to get to this point, and the final result show is hohned to slightly insane perfection.


I mean, who else have you ever seen pull a fox fur out of their trousers ??

Set-wise I don’t think anyone would have gone away disappointed, I Put A Spell On You was a highlight (“There’s a little heavy metal in prog, and there’s a little prog in everything… bacon sandwiches, for example”), and of course Fire was in there but for

me the best was kept until last, with Arthurs unique take on Green Manalishi being jaw-on-the-floor awesome. I have no idea where he gets his energy from, but the intensity of the performance has to be seen to be believed.

The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown were one of the most anticipated bands of the weekend, and it’s fitting that the god of hellfire himself was the first to put on a show that really got the place warmed up. Speaking to the great man after the set he’d enjoyed it as much as we had “Sometimes you have good shows, and sometimes not so good….. That was a good one”.

Yes Arthur, that was a good one.

Other bands take note, THIS is how you put on a show