Eureka Machines Live at Manchester Academy


Having been taken under the wing of Ginger and The Wildhearts from the band’s early days, it was only right that Eureka Machines were added as main support to The “Wildies” 20th Anniversary shows. The room filled up quickly and it seemed not many wanted to miss Chris Catalyst’s sharp dressed men, including Chris’s Mum, so we were asked not to get “too carried away with the moshing”.

The band actually supported The Wildhearts at their Sheperds Bush 15th Anniversary show but the Eureka Machines stature has grown considerably since then. Following a very successful Pledge campaign for album number 3, the suited and booted Leeds pop rockers were greeted by headliner volume screams.

Their half hour slot whizzed by in a flash but they managed to cram in enough of the old and new stuff to satisfy everyone. Talking of the new material; ‘Pop Star’ really stood out as a set highlight and just might be the best song they’ve ever done. Great to see that the band is still on the up. Of course ‘Pop Star’ was in good company with ‘Champion the Underdog’ setting down the gauntlet early on in the set, right up to the sonic booms of  ’Zero Hero’ which completed the nights work with a bang.

Eureka Machines managed to get everyone moving on the night with their mix of heavy riffs and joyous pop music. I’m pretty sure they will have made a few new friends from the Manchester crowd which will set them in good stead for their own upcoming UK tour.