Born Of Osiris Live at Leeds University

I’d been waiting for this show for quite a while, mainly because of support band Monuments; I’d caught them down in The Well a few months previously and was blown away by their sheer intensity on stage.

Now, originally the show had been organised in The Well, but due to the place being closed by the brewery to turn it in to some restaurant the gig was reshuffled last minute and ended up being in Leeds University. Now, from previous experiences in that place, namely GhostFest and Damnation, I knew it was a maze so I got there in plenty of time…

I arrived to find that although it was still comparatively early the place was already rammed, and the pit looked like it was already heaving at the seams before I got there, and it was about to get a whole lot more intense as After The Burial was up next. I’ve been to a few shows like this before, but tonight was different; After The Burial wasted no time in getting the whole pit pumping. The music was rib shattering, bass heavy with guitars with simply kick ass riffs, screaming vocals that tested your ear drum tension (you know just to make sure you’re awake) and a technical kick in the teeth.

And for me, this was only the beginning, so after a quick beer, I was back to take my place on the edge of the pit…

Monuments came on stage to show the rest of the tech-metal folks just exactly how it should be done. These guys are indescribably solid. Their musical interaction with each other as they burn out complex, interwoven technical riffs laid over kidney shattering bass lines, and drumming that can only be described as being played with animalistic accuracy. The folks that were there showed their appreciation for the performance by creating one hell of a pit. I’ve been to some fairly intense gigs at the Uni, but this was something else.

Now with this gig being on a school night, I was planning on leaving early to catch the train home, but that plan went out the window when I caught the first few tracks of the Born Of Osiris. Ok. Monuments were good, but these guys… these guys just had folks running in to the pit like kamikaze pilots hitting Pearl Harbour.


Now, I don’t want to get too repetitive with what I’m saying, but again, BOO were here to make an impression and by god they did exactly that. Their overly-tech metal may not be to everyone’s tastes, but for sure if I get the chance to catch these guys again, I definitely will and they left the Leeds uni crowd battered, bruised and smiling from ear to ear.