Bring me the Horizon Live in Edinburgh

Bring Me The Horizon are a band who are currently taking the world by storm. Their latest album, Sempiternal has done incredibly well worldwide and there is clearly a lot of buzz about these Yorkshire lads right now. Personally they have always been a band I was slightly sceptical about, but taking everything into account I must admit I was quietly excited about catching them in Edinburgh on the first night of their latest UK tour.

What made this gig special was that they were playing the Liquid Rooms, a pretty small venue considering the hype around Bring Me The Horizon right now… annoyingly, it still didn’t sell out. Come on Edinburgh! Wake up! Starting off the evening were the only support of the night, Feed the Rhino. I really like this band, they have great energy on stage and are fantastic live musicians, but unfortunately the Edinburgh crowd obviously never received this memo. The crowd were completely dead and it didn’t matter what vocalist Lee Tobin did, they remained lifeless. Perhaps this was due to the fact we had been left out in the cold for an hour and a half before being let into the venue and everyone was suffering from frost bite, or maybe it was because the crowd was predominantly made up of children and they were scared of big beards… whatever the reason, the band were obviously disappointed by their reception and made a very quick exit after their set.

Thankfully as soon as Bring Me The Horizon came out the crowd suddenly remembered they were at a live gig and had the ability to move and react to what was happening onstage. They opened with Shadow Moses, the first single off the new album, which went down extremely well with the crowd. What was clear from the off with this band is that they are very confident about what they do, and rightly so. Vocalist Oli Sykes has really improved his voice over the years and regardless of what many people will tell you, a lot of their material is crushingly heavy and after seeing them live, they pull it off with ease with their ‘don’t give a shit’ attitude displayed at all times. Highlights of the set included Chelsea Smile, Sleepwalking and And the Snakes Start to Sing, during which the crowd were asked to film footage and sent it to the band for their new video, a certain way to get the crowd active and involved.

My advice with Bring me the Horizon would be to ignore the abuse they get and give them a chance. After seeing them live I now understand why they are as popular as they are and although I see why they appeal to younger audiences there is no reason why they can’t be appreciated for what they do by wider audiences. If you didn’t catch them during their UK tour they are well worth catching at Reading and Leeds over the summer.