Erik Chandler Live at Sheffield O2 Academy

Erik ChandlerYou know, one of the things I can say about Erik is that even though he is better known for his Bowling For Soup antics, his solo material is simply outstanding. It’s a bonus that he also just happens to be one of the most approachable people on the planet, again, this guy doesn’t have room for a rock star ego, or the shit that goes with it. I had the chance back in February to go to Peterborough for a performance at a house party gig, small and intimate, in fact, if you want to see what that was all about, go HERE.

When the Texan came back to the UK for the second time this year supporting Patent Pending you would assume that this show would’ve been a little less intimate, I mean it was in the famously not-intimate confines of the Sheffieeld O2 Academy.

Anyways, a little less intimate, yeah, that’s rubbish; The performance he gave off with his band (that happened to be part of Patent Pending for this tour) was as intimate and lovely as the house party – with the exception that there were a few hundred more people invited to this party. Acoustic or electric, Erik just has one of those voices that makes you melt, even if you’re a hard-ass alpha male. With classics tunes belting out like Malibu Classic, and Tonight’s The Night (my personal favourite.  Simply amazing. There’s a ring of 90’s rock n roll in his music, it’s  just my cuppa really. There’s really nothing I can compare him to, which is a super good thing in a world where music is just rehashed, released, and most of its been done before. Erik has this knack of writing original, heart felt tunes that instantly win you over and make you want so much more.

If you missed this opportunity to catch Erik live then that’s it until Bowling For Soup come over for their farewell tour in October. Saying that, musically this was nothing like BfS, Erik’s solo music is totally different and stands alone on it’s own merits. As a singer, songwriter, all round musician, to me, Erik Chandler is one of the best. Along side that, you get the feeling from his performances (and yeah, I’ve been lucky enough to meet him a couple times) that he is… human, playing music with his heart, and touching others with it.

Keep an eye on his website ( for his album release dates and also news of impending tours in the US and the UK. If he comes to your town, and I seriously mean this, drop everything and go have a night of heart felt, damned good rock n roll.