The Reasoning Live at HRH Prog

There is always a concern that seeing a band that you have admired from afar play live for the first time will leave you disappointed.  In the case of The Reasoning this concern was heightened by the knowledge the band had been through a turbulent couple of years with the unresolved disappearance of Owain Roberts and other changes in line up.

I had also gone on and on about how great I thought they were to anyone who’d listen….

My concerns evaporated the moment they reached the stage and kicked off with an energetic rendition of “Hyperdrive”.  The Reasoning played with the energy and passion of a band that love what they are doing and in doing so put on a truly impressive performance. Rachel Cohen owned the stage both with both her voice, which is hauntingly beautiful, and her wit with comments like “prog’s not that serious”.

The Reasoning’s set was a well-balanced mix of classics such as ‘The Thirteen Hour’, ‘Awakening’ and ‘Dark Angel’, and tracks from their most recent and critically acclaimed album ‘Adventures in Neverland’.  A personal highlight was in the introduction and rendition of the final track ‘Aching Hunger’ which appeared to involve the band prompting the delighted audience to throw sausages at them as they joined in with the “I’ve got an aching hunger, won’t you feed it” chorus.  The food throwing antics bought back fond memories of 1980’s Marillion gigs when Fish would do his elephant impression to trigger the “Geezabun” chant which would result in a bread roll missile attach from the audience.  I managed to catch up with Keith and Jake later in the day and quizzed them on the food throwing and they were quite glad it was only sausage being flung – apparently jam and shepherds pie had launched at previous gigs.

The Reasoning are currently working on their 5th album but promise to tour in the summer and bring the whole of Adventures in Neverland to the stage for the first time.  My advice is if you get a chance to see them, do.