Beholder Live at Bloodstock Open Air 2013

Beholder Live at Bloodstock Open Air 2013 36Here at CackBlabbath there are regular conversations about the next band who are going to break through to the next level. Well two of our regular suggestions were strutting their stuff on the main stage at Bloodstock Open Air 2013, Sacred Mother Tongue play on the Sunday, but for fans of British heavy metal Saturday was all about Beholder.

Frontman Simon Hall is a busy chap come Bloodstock time, and 2013 sees him putting in a split shift as one of the key people in the running of the event, and as the frontman of the mighty Beholder.

Beholder Live at Bloodstock Open Air 2013 17Considering their fairly early stage time, and the excesses of the previous evening, an impressive crowd gathers to catch Beholder’s set, I mean there were a fair few there to watch Stormbringer but the place has filled up substantially by the time Beholder come on stage. There are a few bands doing the rounds at the moment under the “True British heavy metal” banner, but I genuinely don’t think there are any doing it with quite the main stage filling power and glory that Beholder show today. From beginning to end the arena is rocking, thousands of Simon Hall’s “best fucking friends” roaring their approval with horns held aloft.

I’d never managed to catch Beholder live before today. They’re a name that you come across constantly as they gig endlessly up and down the country and I’d heard good things, but out paths had never actually crossed. They rocked the main stage, which is where they’re clearly destined to be, but I really have to make sure I catch them in a sweaty little club sometime soon, before they get too big for that sort of thing..

Because make no mistake, Beholder are going to be big.

Beholder Live at Bloodstock Open Air 2013 24

And then, the first real highlight of the day. Festivals are all about the moments that you will remember for a long time, and it took a few seconds to realise that Beholder were winding up with a spot of Marillion… tagging something oddly familiar onto the end of Footprints In The Sand…

Forgotten Sons at a Metal Festival, who’d have thunk.