The St Pierre Snake Invasion : Everyone’s Entitled To My Opinion

St Pierre Snake InvasionWe here at CackBlabbath first became aware of The St Pierre Snake Invasion after stumbling upon them by pure chance during the recent Y-Not Festival. Their no nonsense attitude to both their music and their fans left us wanting more, so it only made sense to give their latest EP a listen.

The wonderfully titled, Everyone’s Entitled To My Opinion, is only a short introduction into the world of the band at just under fifteen minutes long, but it certainly tells you all you need to know about these guys. Opening track “Call The Coroner” is a punktastic number which instantly showcases the ‘I don’t give a shit what you think’ vocals of front man Damien Sayell. Things kick off with a scream which sends shivers down your spine before kicking in with a catchy riff and a good beat to start the record off nicely.

By the second track, “Encore! Encore!” you will be starting to realise that Sayell has a fantastic abilty to his voice. My God can this boy scream and his use of falsetto across the tracks adds a great layer to the overall sound. His fierce vocals really are what makes this band so interesting and sets them above the other ‘Boil in the bag musical atrocities’ (Description from the band themselves) out there.

“U.S.S.A” is a punk fueled number featuring some of the most brutal drumming work from Sam Forbes which is backed up perfectly by Patrick Daly keeping the bassline heavy. The pace is fast, the sound is aggressive and the overall feel as you listen to it is that you just want to punch things… Hard.

Next is possibly my favourite track on the record, “Hey Kids! Do The Choke Stroke”. Firstly with a name like this, you have to be at least a little bit intrigued. It features probably the catchiest lyrics I’ve heard in a while, and I dare you to not be singing along by the end… just be careful where you are when you do!

Closing the EP is the attitude filled, “Say No To Stop Motion”. Never a bunch of guys to keep their opinions to themselves they take this opportunity to tell you the bands you should really be listening to, building to a command that you should be listening to The Fall, a band who’s influence on the SPSI guys is pretty evident.

After several listens to Everyone’s Entitled To My Opinion, it’s clear that these guys are out to have fun. They are creating music which is entertaining but also puts across an aggressive message of all that is wrong with today’s society. Be careful not to write this off as just another angry metal band though, there’s a lot of talent on display here.

So what is it you need to actually know about The St Pierre Snake Invasion? Well there’s two very simple things… 1) You need to get your hands on a copy of ‘Everyone’s Entitled To My Opinion’. 2) You need to get yourself to a gig and see them live, you will not regret it.

You can download ‘Everyone’s Entitled To My Opinion’ now from iTunes. The St Pierre Snake Invasion are also playing several gigs across England over the next couple of months. Check out their Facebook page for more details.