Fury Live at Bloodstock Open Air 2013

Fury-Live-at-Bloodstock-Open-Air-2013-24As well as the legendary “big name” bands that grab the Bloodstock Open Air headlines, names like Slayer, King Diamond and Exodus, the festival is a tremendous supporter of up-and-coming talent. The New Blood stage is a launch pad for many a career, giving bands a first foot on the festival billing ladder.

Although most of CB’s attention this year was focused on the Main Stage and the Sophie tent (and with the lineup on those two, who can blame us) we did try to get across to the New Blood stage as often as we can to see what was on offer in there but only one band we saw persuaded us to change the plans and stick around for their whole set..

Fury are a name that is familiar to anyone who keeps an eye on the posters for the various small festivals that keep the local scene alive up and down the country. They’ve recently been involved in the worthy Headbanger’s Balls gigs, and the buzz that they’d been generating meant that we wanted to try and check them out anyway..

Even if they hadn’t cornered us in the bar and made us promise we would…

Fury-Live-at-Bloodstock-Open-Air-2013-32While Rob found a spot in the packed tent I headed down to the photo pit to await the band’s arrival on stage. Considering it was still quite early the place was about as busy as I’d seen it all weekend, with an baying crowd chanting the band’s name…

Say what you want about the various factions in metal, there is always going to be a place for well written, well executed  good old fashioned Heavy Metal. OK, there are thrash riffs and power metal fist-in-the-air choruses but it’s that love of “traditional” metal at the heart of what Fury do.

Fury-Live-at-Bloodstock-Open-Air-2013-23Ripping into set opener Into The Dark it’s immediately obvious why the Worcester based 4-piece have such a buzz about them, wailing guitar harmonies, familiar tempo changes and a relentless on-stage energy that had the whole tent rocking, and as they moved on to Dawn Of Survival the crowd swelled appreciably as interested passers by were drawn in.

Tight, stylish and above all confident (to the point of getting passers by to raise their horns in the air), Fury certainly seem to tick all the boxes and they certainly impressed CackBlabbath with their BOA performance. If Fury stay true to themselves and just keep doing what they do I’m  sure their BOA 2013 appearance is just the first foot on the ladder to bigger things.

I was interested to find out how the smaller bands were treated at Bloodstock, according to Alisdair, pretty damn well “When it came to the Sunday we were ushered around and really looked after by everyone up until it was our turn to play… then it was down to us. The crowd were responsive and up for a laugh so it made our job easy… play the songs we love with gusto and all will be well. And it was. We had so much fun!”