Fozzy Live at the Cathouse, Glasgow

A couple of years back people only seemed to know Fozzy as ‘those guys in Chris Jericho’s band’. Last year when we saw them at Download Festival, people were still choosing to chant ‘Y2J’, overspill from Chris’ wrestling alter-ego. Now, it’s all just love for Fozzy as a legitimate band in their own right, and about time too.


Nearing the end of their UK tour, Fozzy headlined the Cathouse alongside Bournemouth rockers Voodoo Vegas and Gibraltar formed Breed 77 to deliver one of the craziest nights of metal Glasgow has seen recently. Unfortunately due to traffic issues we missed Voodoo Vegas, but were still treated to a taster from frontman Lawrence Case as part of Fozzy’s set, which we will get to in a second…

Breed 77 proved themselves to be a worthy precursor to the mighty Fozzy with vocalist Paul Isola working the crowd into a sweaty frenzy within minutes. As soon as they kicked into their fantastic cover of “Zombie” by The Cranberries the crowd went mental, starting off the first of many pits of the night. It is a slight shame that the song they are best known for is a cover as after listening to their set, it’s clear they have a lot more than just this to offer. They were then joined on stage by a guest vocalist for their next track which sparked the awkward moment of when the guy you ask to sing a track with you is better than the actual singer in your band. Not that we’re saying Paul doesn’t have a voice on him, just the other guy was better! A couple of tracks and a rather hilarious two man circle pit later and we were ready to await Fozzy taking the stage.

It didn’t take long for the Fozzy chants to begin after Breed 77 had left the stage, intermingled with the occasional wrestling chant of course… including the obligatory Benoit chant which we won’t go into. With Alterbridge tracks playing quietly in the background as they set up the stage, it was clear as soon as “Metalingus” came on that the majority of the Fozzy crowd are still wrestling fans, it’s just they see them as an actual band now rather than just wanting to see their wrestling hero.

When it was finally time for our favourite Canadians to take the stage the lights dipped and the rather creepy intro to “Spider In My Mouth” played as the boys took their places, Chris Jericho wearing of course one of his famous sparkling jackets. From the very start it was clear that these guys had come to Glasgow ready to rock and ready to put on a damn good show. Their energy was incredible and Jericho’s ability to work the crowd is second to none. Opening their set with a couple of tracks off their latest album, “Sin & Bones”, they had the entire room singing along. Halfway through the set the band invited Lawrence Case back onstage to sing joint vocals for the catchy “She’s My Addiction”. Now even though we missed Voodoo Vegas’s set, this one track was enough to make us want to check them out. This guy has fantastic presence on stage, a voice to melt the heart of the hardest of metallers and not to mention one of the most beautiful faces this particular member of the CackBlabbath team has ever had the pleasure of setting their eyes on. The highlight of the set however had to be when they kicked into the hit “Enemy”. I genuinely do not believe there was a single person in that room not singing along to the chorus of this track. I also do not understand how my spine is still in one piece after the amount of crowd surfers who went over my head! The place went absolutely crazy and this will forever be, for me, one of those gig moments you just do not forget. Closing the set with “Blood Happens” the band came down to the barrier to say their goodbyes to the Glasgow crowd and assured us they would return after the release of the new record… which after a word with guitarist Rich Ward afterwards, is hoped to be around June next year.

Fozzy have, without a doubt, proved themselves to be one of the strongest live acts on the scene right now. Their tracks are heavy and they pull them off with complete precision and passion on stage. With only a couple of dates left on their UK tour you will have to be quick to grab a ticket to see these guys before they head off to North America with British rock legends Saxon next month.