DevilDriver Live at Bloodstock Open Air 2013

DevilDriver Live at Bloodstock Open Air 2013 57

Dez Fafara’s Californian ‘Groove Machine’ are clocking up the air miles again across Europe as DevilDriver stop at Bloodstock festival for their first ever show at Catton Hall.

DevilDriver Live at Bloodstock Open Air 2013 10Drenched in the late afternoon sunlight against a sunburst patterned backdrop; DevilDriver have little use for stage lighting and add a bit of Cali glow to the main stage. The band are a well-oiled vehicle when it comes to touring and it’s not a rare sight to see them on UK soil but this is a pretty big billing for them. It’s an opportunity they grasp with both hands.

From the opening chugs of ‘End of the Line’ the crowd react as all DevilDriver crowds do; with circle pits. ‘Dead to Rights’ hits just as hard and the pits start to expand as Dez encourages their growth. The frontman storms around the stage bellowing in his deep American accent whilst to guitar duo of Spreitzer and Kendrick unleash the relentless barrage of riffs and solos that are the heart of DevilDriver.

If Dez is the face of DevilDriver then the two guitarists really are the backbone. Over the years they’ve grown into quite a formidable pairing.

DevilDriver Live at Bloodstock Open Air 2013 23With the new album ‘Winter Kills’ just around the corner, we are treated to a couple of new tracks. ‘Ruthless’ sounds as exactly as you’d expect from the title; breakneck and crushing DevilDriver. ‘Appetite’, well that’s pretty much the same! It all bodes well for the new release.

It’s a crushing debut for the band at Bloodstock ,which will no doubt have caught a few off-guard to just how powerful DevilDriver can be in the live arena. As the set draws to an end ‘Clouds Over California’ instigates another whirlwind circle pit and a few crowd surfers and as Dez says himself “That’s a f*ck*ng great time, right there”

Can’t argue with him!