Oaf Live at Bloodstock Open Air 2013

Oaf Live at Bloodstock Open Air 2013 1

The people of Bloodstock have two choices tonight. Watch Oaf or don’t watch Oaf.  A hell of a lot of people quite wisely choose to do the former; you’d have to be a miserable toe rag not to really. Whether it’s through curiosity or undying love for the seaside punks is questionable, but one thing is for sure: they’ve made the right choice.

Oaf Live at Bloodstock Open Air 2013 2Dom and Jim are quite the festival specialists; they are one of Hammerfest’s house bands, they’ve already played Download, so a slot at “The best heavy metal festival in the world” to unleash their “Punk wrong” was always on the cards.

Oaf hit the stage with little fuss. Dom goes for the shorts and t-shirt, whereas Jim brings a little sparkle to proceedings with his tweed jacket complete with Slayer back-patch and tweed bunting draped across his drum kit.  Other than that it’s a no frills punk rock show.

With the recent release of new album ‘Birth School Oaf Death’, the duo are keen to showcase some of the fresh material. ‘Marker Pen Cocks’, the brilliant ‘Joey Deacon Blue’ and the more familiar ‘We Know Why You’re Rubbish at Darts’ all appear in the set from the new release. We get some of the old favourites too, as the “Horrible” ‘Wanking with a Fist Full of Shit’ and ‘No more Tickets for the Time Machine’ get a well deserved airing.

Oaf Live at Bloodstock Open Air 2013 3No show would be complete without Oaf’s big hit; ‘Fuck off Seagull’ is ably assisted by a guest appearance from Evil Scarecrow’s Dr Hell and creates bedlam in the crowd. Mosh pits erupt and the crowd chant along with Oaf’s most recognisable of chorus lines.

There’s less chat than the usual Oaf show, probably due to the time constraints, and it looks as though they might even get cut off towards the end. They do manage to cram ‘Living on the Ceiling’ in which incites more mosh pits, Bon Jovi style sing-alongs and general joyous anarchy.

Oaf put on a corker of a show to kick off the Bloodstock proceedings. They will have won over a few new friends today and may have just prompted their best crowd reaction yet. Can we have a tour now please?