The Gothenburg Address / Degrassi / We Came From The North: Live at Bannermans Bar


While most of the CackBlabbath team had set up camp at Bloodstock, some of us set off to find something equally as good, on a much smaller scale. Obviously with all of Edinburgh to pick from, it was kind of inevitable that I found myself in Bannermans Bar. On the bill tonight were Edinburgh boys The Gothenburg Address, with support from Degrassi and We Came From The North.

Up first were four Highland lads who have settled in the capital, We Came From The North. There is quite a buzz locally about these guys just now as they have just won the “Bannermans Bar 30 Days of IPA Battle of the Bands” competition. Their prize being time in a recording studio to produce their debut EP… which I have been promised will be available soon! Within the first few minutes of their set, it is clear for any newcomers to this band how they came about their recent success. For a purely instrumental outfit, they have the talent and passion to hold the crowd’s attention for the whole of their short set. There is no doubt about it, these boys are talented and their beautiful but surprisingly heavy style is already causing quite a stir on the local scene.

Next up were Degrassi, a new name to me, but apparently I’ve been missing out. Degrassi have a pretty impressive list of past gigs behind them, playing alongside some equally impressive names. They were of a different style to the other two bands on the bill, heading more down the indie-rock route, but they still had the crowd on-board throughout their set. Being the only band with vocals on offer they added a nice contrast to the evening and drummer Michael Branagh kept things heavy with his precision playing.

Finishing up what had already been a night of fantastic music were the mighty The Gothenburg Address. What is great about these guys is that there is absolute no bullshit, no gimmick, just raw talent and a love for what they do. On the first glance to the stage, they don’t look like the average metal band which plays at Bannermans, but the sound they create together is something very special indeed. Each epic track draws you in completely and has the ability to take you on a full emotional journey. It’s rare that you can watch a band play and the crowd is completely silent while they are playing as they are so in the moment of what they are watching. Their music is beautiful, powerful, emotional and I highly recommend catching these guys live to capture the full experience of what they deliver.