Trivium : Vengeance Falls

Trivium_VengeanceFalls_cover_webTrivium are back again with album number six. Since exploding onto the metal scene with their second album ‘Ascendency’ and the legendary Donington appearance back in 2005; Trivium have tinkered with their sound regularly, of course been accused of “selling out” and probably even worse. So when it was announced that David Draiman would be working production on ‘Vengeance Falls’ it was basically an internet troll’s dream come true.

So has Matt Heafy taken to making insane monkey noises under Draiman’s direction? No. Have Trivium covered Genesis? Negative.  Have they made a great fist-pumping metal album. Yes, they have.

‘Vengeance Falls’ is very much a modern day Trivium album. David Draiman’s input doesn’t go unnoticed.  The chorus line in ‘Brave This Storm’ has a Disturbed flavour to it and the general pop crunch and approach on the album seems to be a direct influence of Davey boy. When it all comes down to it though, it’s not too far from where Trivium were anyway.

Compared to the Colin Richardson produced ‘In Waves’ last time out there is perhaps a slightly softer edge to some of the songs, but essentially it’s business as usual for Trivium. The title track is a good example. It has a crushing precise riff with a big sing-along chorus line. ‘Strife’ has a raw and heavy intro which unwinds into yet another big chorus.

It’s a pattern that continues through ‘Vengeance Falls’. Even the Machine Head crunch at the beginning of ‘Through Blood and Dirt and Bone’ ends up being another epic vocal led anthem. There are some throat-busting roars such as in ‘Villainy Thrives’, which also has a blistering guitar solo, but on the whole Trivium stay as far away from anything extreme as they can.

‘Vengeance Falls’ sees Trivium sealing their status as modern day kings if mainstream metal. It’s a direction they have certainly chosen over the last few albums. You don’t exactly bring Draiman in to make you the next Watain do you? So on the face of it this is exactly what Trivium wanted and exactly what thousands of metal fans all over the world will want too. Job done!