Kids In Glass Houses : Live at The Glasgow Garage

GlasgowKids In Glass Houses have returned to the Glasgow Garage for their only Scottish date from their latest promotional tour, this time with pop rock bands Cartel and The Propellers in tow. It’s a packed out venue and the CackBlabbath team are lucky enough to be in attendance to enjoy the show.

Kicking off a night of pop rock frivolity are Cartel, a new name to me but they obviously hold a reasonably strong fan base in Glasgow. It takes a while to get the crowd moving but people are still singing along and having a good time. They succeed in being a good warm up band and with their closing song, they get everyone hyped up for what is to follow.

Next up we have The Propellers from Kent who put on a high energy set and frontman Max Davenport displays the perfect combination of good looks, a heart breaking smile and beautiful vocals which gets the girls screaming and the guys looking on with envy.

Fresh off the back of their latest album release, ‘Peace’, Kids In Glass Houses finally hit the stage to the sounds of hundreds of screaming teens and the sensation that I was one of the oldest people in the room suddenly hit. The great thing about Kids In Glass Houses however is that as long as you accept that they are a band who play inoffensive pop rock, does it really matter what age you are? Their songs are catchy and if you let yourself, you’ll find their energy onstage is infectious.

Opening with two songs from the new album, ‘Peace’ and ‘Drive’ it was clear to see how loyal their fans are, as the majority of the crowd were bouncing and singing along without missing a word, despite the record only being released last week. The set featured a good mix of songs from the new album, but not forgetting firm fan favourites such as ‘Saturday’ and of course ‘Give Me What I Want’.

Song choices aside for a second, another definite highlight of their set had to be the look of genuine shock and amusement from front man Aled Phillips when an enthusiastic fan threw underwear at him mid-song. The onstage smile the crowd witnessed in this moment soon changed backstage however, when upon closer inspection the worry about age of the small sized, hot pink, New Look pants wearer kicked in! One of the drawbacks of having a young fan base! The final song of the set was the rather fitting ‘Matters At All’ with the final words of the song being “Goodnight” and from the crowd reaction, it was clear that a good night had been had by all. My only complaint is that someone really needs to teach these kids what a circle pit is, as their version of just running around in a circle is plane embarrassing to watch!

Kids In Glass Houses put on a fantastic show for their Scottish fans and with a promise that they will return next year, we are left with only the excitement of their new album to tide us over until then.