Damnation Festival 2013 Preview : Interview with Iron Witch

Iron WitchAnother Damnation Festival 2013 band checks in with cackblabbath.online before the event. This time we catch up with Liverpool’s Iron Witch.

Damnation is just around the corner. Have you played before?

No, this will be our first time. Such a good line up to lose our
Damnation cherry.

There are literally 100’s of festivals cropping up at the moment. Is Damnation still one of the big ‘one dayers’ and worth getting excited about?

Yeah every year Damnation gets bigger and better, always attracting more ‘high profile’ acts. It’s definitely something to be getting excited about!

For those unfamiliar with Iron Witch, how would you describe your music?

Drunk, amplified negativity.

Why should people mark you down as a band to see?

We give the same live show whether we’re playing a festival stage or a small basement show and we’re really looking forward to kicking things of with a bang on the 2nd so grab a beer or a whiskey and get on it.

It’s not a typical ‘Big Fest’ line-up this year. Apart from Iron Witch, who would you mark down as ones to watch?

We’re happy to be playing with some amazing bands from back home in Liverpool. Black Magician, Conan and SSS are bands people would be stupid to miss out on. We’re also looking forward to catching our bro’s, Slabdragger after a while out of the game.

With the addition of the new Doom stage this year; do you think we will see a direct increase in the amount of beards in attendance?

Oh its going to be a hairy affair for sure.

What has the next 12 months got in store for Iron Witch?

We’re due to release a split in the next month or so with The Atrocity Exhibit on Witch Hunter Records and Dead Chemist Records and we’re also in the process of writing our debut full length which will be recorded early next year. Obviously we’re still gigging around the UK and are currently booking a short tour for February and looking at heading back over to Europe next summer.

Where would you direct people who want to do their homework on Iron Witch before the festival?

All our releases are up for £1 on our Bandcamp so if people want to have a listen before catching up at Damnation then that’s the place to do it.


Also check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ironwitch1977

Cheers and beers.