American Fangs : Pomona E.P.

American FangsHouston Texas’s American Fangs are heading our way soon. To give us a bit of advance warning they have just released the ‘Pomona E.P.’ to let us know what they’re all about.

The E.P. starts with a bang as the title track from the release explodes into action. American Fangs lay down the gauntlet from the off and announce themselves as the newest high octane rock’n’rollers on the scene. There are plenty of “woah-oh-woah-oh-woah’s”, some down and dirty riffs and plenty of fist pumping rock to get straight under your skin. A bit reminiscent of Buckcherry at full pelt.

‘Duke’ has a more rounded feel to it; more of a single built around the chorus but still possessing plenty of bounce where it’s needed. ‘Get the Hell Out’ is American Fangs at a more punk and nasty level. A real frantic shout-along and it’s definitely the stand out track from this little lot. It sees the band raw and energetic and holds promise for a great live show. Similarly ‘Le Kick’ has some Rancid style punk attitude to it.

It’s all pretty breakneck with the exception of the acoustic ‘Sorry’; a laid back ballad that shows off a more soulful side to American Fangs as well as showing off Gabe’s vocal range. They’re not just raucous punks then…

The ‘Pomona E.P.’ seems to be a great introduction into the world of American Fangs. They’re an energetic ball of punk rock’n’roll and look as though they’re set to be blistering live. If this E.P. is any indication of their live energy then we’re in for a treat.

The band will be joining Papa Roach on their imminent UK tour. They were hand picked by Jacoby Shaddix who beams “I love this band AMERICAN FANGS!  Rock needs more bands like them.  They are a vicious band that bleeds soul from their punk rock heart!  Great songs and a bad ass live band too.  I’m stoked to have them out on tour with us! You better come out early to check these cats out.”

He just about hits the nail on the head…CackBlabbath will get down early for the show!