Damnation Festival 2013 Preview : Interview with Conan

promo-01The addition of the Electric Amphetamine stage at Damnation 2013 has got us excited at CackBlabbath. Headlining a day full of the heavy stuff will be Conan, so we caught up with Jon from the band while they are working in the studio.

Damnation is just around the corner. Have you played before?

Yeah, back in 2011……

There are literally 100’s of festivals cropping up at the moment. Is Damnation still one of the big ‘one dayers’ and worth getting excited about?

I think festivals are often more of an ‘occasion’ and Damnation is certainly one of the larger ones in the UK. Much like Hellfest it is quite a varied line up which attracts a larger and more diverse crowd. I’d say it’s worth getting excited over – unless you can’t get a ticket then I guess it’s a bit frustrating.

For those unfamiliar with Conan; how would you describe your music?

I’d say that we play heavy metal, I ask people to read the mags to see what were labelled as. We use the Caveman Battle Doom tag as a bit of a joke but I reckon if you can imagine the music that would play at such an event as a Caveman Battle then you’ll be pretty close.

Why should people mark you down as a band to see?

I guess if they have our records and want to see how we sound playing live then it’s a good opportunity. But this is a fest with loads of ace bands so it’s more important they enjoy the day as a whole and watch as many bands as they can. If they want to hear riffs through awesome amps and drums smashed into orbit by guys who do this for the love of volume, escapism and epic charging riffs then I guess they can pop their heads in the room we’re playing in.

It’s not a typical ‘Big Fest’ line-up this year. Apart from Conan, who would you mark down as ones to watch?

I would pick Carcass (maybe a strange choice as they play the same time as us). Slabdragger are awesome live and Moss have been one of my favourite bands for a whole. I’m interested to see how Olly’s new vocal style works out live. People should also check out Iron Witch and Black Magician. We know both bands well and they SLAY!

With the addition of the new Doom stage this year; do you think we will see a direct increase in the amount of beards in attendance?

I’d say so. But I can’t grow one.

What has the next 12 months got in store for Conan?

Well we’ve just finished our first day of recording for our follow up to ‘Monnos’. We’re recording at Skyhammer studio (www.skyhammerstudio.com) with Chris Fielding (www.chrisfielding.co.uk) for the next two weeks or so and the album is coming out in Feb / March 2014. We’ll be doing a European tour in April (starting with a show at Roadburn) and we’re also playing Hellfest. We have a few other shows in the pipeline too so we’ll be quite busy I think.

Where would you direct people who want to do their homework on Conan before the festival?

They can go to www.hailconan.com


Tickets for Damnation are available here: