Weekend Nachos : Still

NachosWith a name like Weekend Nachos, you may well expect to find this band at your nearest Mexican restaurant carving out some Latino guitar as an accompaniment to your chilli con-carne. In reality, if these fellas came over to sing happy birthday to your kids around the dinner table…well, the little ones may well get the living crap scared out of them.

Wading in with another full length album for Relapse Records, Weekend Nachos are showing no relent from their trail of aural chaos and destruction.

Mixing up a thick slab of hardcore aggression with some frantic grindcore and the odd flourish of death and sludge metal; Weekend Nachos is the sound of being pissed off. ‘Still’ is a big and nasty rager of an album.

With an average song duration of less than two minutes, the album hardly stops for breath. Listening to the album is like being repeatedly beaten around the ears for pleasure. The hard and fast approach lets up occasionally into slower sludgy ground but you need these to recover from the onslaught.

The overriding song writing formula consists of making songs fast, loud and venomous. The all out aggression of ‘Sickened No More’ and ‘You’re Not Punk’ sums up this approach and are mosh pit anthems in the making. ‘Still’ nearly makes it to the four minute mark which allows it some more traditional song structure such as rumbling bass sections and even a guitar solo.

‘Still’ certainly blows off the cobwebs with its raw power and aggression. The sheer nastiness and relentless pools of bile spat out in the songs won’t fail to put a smile on your face. These are songs that will get people moving in the pit; it’s the soundtrack to flailing limbs and bloody noses.

Just don’t expect them to turn up in their sombreros…