Trucker Diablo Live at Corporation, Sheffield

Trucker Diablo Live at Corporation by PixelMatrix 5Trucker Diablo are a band who have already achieved a lot in their time together. Since a first trip to the UK a few years back to play’s first ever Twitrfest they have gone from strength to strength, playing Download and sharing festival billings with the likes of Black Stone Cherry and some wee band called the Foo Fighters.

The demands on the band’s time since their second album Songs Of Iron came out on Ripple Records have been considerable, garnering airplay and rave reviews from stations and magazines all over the world. Top that off with a first trip to mainland Europe to play in France and it’s surprising they have time to draw breath.

So do they take it easy and enjoy the plaudits they’ve been receiving of late ?

Or do they book themselves a little headline tour of England and France ??

What do you think ??

Trucker Diablo Live at Corporation by PixelMatrix 3The Big Truck’s latest short jaunt saw them hitting towns they’ve never played before, starting off at Grimsby Yardbirds they played Sheffield Corporation and London Nambucca, with a jaunt through the channel tunnel in the middle to rip it up at the Bully On Rocks festival in France.

Now’s love for Trucker Diablo is well documented, but when the band announced they were stepping up to headline the tour we were kind of worried about how many people they would get in. We’ve seen bands play to tiny crowds in Corporation so it was going to be interesting to see if that fate befell Trucker.

Speaking to the guys before the gig the concerns were not exactly unfounded, with a “small but enthusiastic” crowd heading to Yardbirds the night before. Well, I don’t know what the band thought when they took to the stage, but I must admit I was surprised, and delighted, to see a substantial crowd packed into Corp… many of who were resplendent in their Trucker Diablo t-shirts.

Honestly, the place was mobbed.. Awesome.Well done Sheffield

Trucker Diablo Live at Corporation by PixelMatrix 9So… Trucker Diablo ARE a headline band now, so could they put in a performance worthy of that label ?

Oh fuck yes !!

Things kicked off, appropriately under the circumstances, with Year Of The Truck and from my side of the stage vantage point it was great to see the whole place getting right into it, with the folk down the front singing along and generally going mental.

The crowd were clearly loving it, and judging my the massive grin on guitarist Simon’s face, so were the band.

Trucker Diablo Live at Corporation by PixelMatrix 2Trucker have always been a great live act but they have clearly grown in stature since we last saw them opening up for Thin Lizzy in Belfast. The Rebel kept the cauldron of Corporation on the boil with the warmth of the audience reaction matched by the power and passion of frontman Tom Harte’s delivery. Trucker have an enviable selection of tunes in their musical arsenal and the setlist saw tracks like When’s It Gonna Rain and Drive mixed in with already-classics like the inimitable Voodoo and the sing-a-long tour-de-force that is Juggernaut.

It was one of those “over too soon” gigs, and although the band were dragged back for one encore the crowd were definitely left wanting more. I think the guys would have stuck around longer were it not for their Tour Manager (posh title for driver) Baz herding them into the van and off in the general direction of France for the next night’s gig.

After a slow start in Grimsby Trucker Diablo’s first headline tour had really kicked into top gear in Sheffield. We knew they’d be good, but we didn’t really think they’d be quite THIS good. Put simply it was one of the best gigs we’ve seen in these dingy confines for yonks. We feature a lot of up and coming bands here on but of all the names you may see on this site, Trucker Diablo is the one you’re going to be seeing in lights.

Big Truck keeps on rolling,