Damnation Festival 2013 : Interview with God Seed

IMG_8213 (2)God Seed are a band famous for being explosive, unpredictable and at times, damn right scary. CackBlabbath was fortunate enough to spend a bit of time with bassist King Ov Hell (Tom Cato Visnes) at this years Damnation Festival and find out how he has found the last twelve months, what the future holds for God Seed and how much he really wants to catch Shining onstage…

Welcome to Damnation. This is your first appearance at this festival and you are performing on the Jagermeister Stage later on this evening – Looking forward to it?

Yes. I think it will be interesting. Definitely interesting.

Are you going to get the chance to catch any of the bands on the line up tonight and enjoy the festival from that perspective?

We haven’t as yet. We just arrived this morning and have come all the way from Norway, so we left very early in the morning and we came here and we are trying to get organised basically. Hopefully, I want to see Shining. They are actually going on stage right now – They are a Norwegian band and good friends of mine. They do that black jazz and they are extremely technical players and I really hope to catch that. I want to see Cult of Luna because we are talking about doing a tour together maybe in the future. Oh and Carcass of course.

I think everyone is pretty excited about seeing Carcass. So a tour with Cult of Luna is in the pipeline? Can you give us any details on when or where the tour might take place?

We are planning on going to Japan, Australia, a South American tour. That may or may not be with Cult of Luna.

Exciting plans are in motion then. Now obviously we all know the music industry has it’s ups and down and God Seed have had a fair share of both. Can you tell us how the last twelve months have been for the band?

I think it was around one year ago we released ‘I Begin’ and then we went on tour with Cradle of Filth for seven weeks. After that we did some single shows in Norway, we did a couple of festivals here and there: Hellfest and Grasspop and so forth. We are now starting to work on the next album. That’s basically it.

There was a lot of interest in ‘I Begin’ when it was first released after God Seed reformed, were you happy with how it was received?

I’m not sure about how it was received, but I am satisfied with the album. I think it’s a good album. I was happy with the outcome of it.

What are the plans for the new album? Can we expect something similar to I Begin?

I think we are going to aim for having guitars on it. Some drums. A little bass. Vocals and some keyboards.

Fantastic. Sounds good…

Doesn’t it just?

Any idea yet on when you would be aiming for a release date?

Hopefully in the next year you know. Right now I am in the writing process, I have come very far so I have written most of the material. Then we need to record it of course and then release it. That’s how it works. It will probably be 2014. Probably – If everything goes to plan. We have no more shows after today this year. We are just focusing on writing. We will play more shows in January. Until then – just writing – and hopefully watching Shining here today…