Dregen : Dregen

DregenSince Backyard Babies went on hiatus Dregen has been busily beavering away with several projects. He’s written his autobiography, he’s been writing and performing with Michael Monroe and he’s been recording his own solo record. After a good couple of years work it’s all come to fruition this year! So much so that he’s had to take a break from the Michael Monroe band in order to get his own solo project out on the road.

‘Dregen’ is the first solo album from the Backyard Babies guitar man but he has had a bit of help from some pretty cool names. His ex-Hellacopter colleague Nicke Anderson has contributed to the writing process whilst Sami Yaffa and Karl Rockfist have given him a hand in the studio.

The Swedish punk has a certain style which makes most of the songs on here instantly recognisable as his own. The opening duo of ‘Division of Me’ and ‘Just Like That’ roll along at a familiar Backyard Babies pace with big riffs leading to bigger choruses. A great start to affairs.

Any danger of this just being a Backyard Babies-light project is swiftly blown away by ‘Flat Tyre on a Muddy Road’. A country-blues twang halts the punk proceedings for a semi-autobiographical trip through slightly more melancholy waters. It’s one of the albums best assets but normal sleaziness is soon resumed in style on ‘Gig Pig’.

Two more from the memorable pile include ‘Pink Hearse’ which has the wonderful B-movie tag line of “When I die I wanna ride in the pink hearse” and ‘Mojo’s’ which has more than a little bit of the ‘Babies to it. Does it serve as an appetizer for things to come?

Let’s hope so!

This is top-notch stuff for now though.