Orchid : The Zodiac Sessions

Orchid Zodiac SessionsYou know the old adage that you can’t judge a book by its cover ? Well that it also true of records, you can’t always look at the sleeve art and know what to expect…

And sometimes you look at the sleeve art and know EXACTLY what to expect.

The Zodiac Sessions from San Francisco natives Orchid fits snugly, perfectly, into the latter category. One look at Orchid frontman Theo Mindell’s 70’s occult trip artwork and you know this ain’t no tech metal.

Which is a very good thing.

The Zodiac Sessions are re-mastered re-releases of the band’s debut E.P., Through The Devil’s Doorway and the follow up full length album, 2011’s Capricorn. Both of those releases pre-date the band’s association with Nuclear Blast, so the label has put together this reissue package to fill in the early, and now hard to track down, blanks.

The Zodiac Sessions is available in two physical formats, with the single-disc digipak release being accompanied by two Vinyl versions, which sees the Through The Devil’s Doorway  E.P. released on 10″ vinyl while Capricorn is released on double 12″ album.

The press release describes describes Orchid as “vintage rock”, and that’s as good a description as any… mainly because it sidesteps the inevitable mentions of, and comparisons to, a certain Brummie band. Well Orchid may come from half a world away from the self styled birthplace of heavy metal, but there aren’t many other young pretenders who can pull off the whole doomey-heavy “feel” of the genre’s forebears with quite this aplomb.

There are many who tread in the familiar footsteps of the bands who have gone before, but out of all the bands taking the well worn path Orchid are just about the most worthy flag bearers for the current renaissance of all things “classic”.