Shining Live at Damnation Festival 2013

Shining (4)The second band of the day to grace the Jagermeister stage at Damnation 2013 were Norway’s Shining. Not your conventional metal band by any means, but one hell of an entertaining one. The blackjazz pioneers packed out the main stage area for their afternoon slot.

Tuning up their own instruments under the house lights and then tearing into their live set without hesitation before the lights even dim might signal a flat start to a lot of shows. The intensity of Shining’s onslaught from the word go means that flat is the last word on anyone’s mind. ‘The Madness and the Damage Done’ confirms why everyone has gathered here to catch Shining and also acts as a terrific introduction to those who have stumbled in unaware of the mayhem that’s about to commence.

Shining manage to combine all the heaviness and bounce of a damn fine metal band with some electronica and jazz, oh and a big helping of Scandinavian bonkers too. They’re not the sort of band you can accuse of being boring.

‘The One Inside’ sums the band up pretty well. With an immense bounce and breath-taking intensity, the song miraculously retains some instantaneous pop appeal and Jørgen brings out the legendary saxophone for a quick burst as well.

Shining (6)The band look slick, all in black, and they also play a slick set of hook ridden madness. They utilise the main stage podiums that many bands through the day will neglect and their sense of fun rubs off on the crowd. Beaming smiles can be seen aplenty, on both sides of the barrier.

There’s no let-up in the shows pace, with the futuristic sounding and electronic heavy ‘My Dying Drive’ hitting hard. The closer of ‘I Won’t Forget’ maybe new, but it’s probably the best thing the band have ever done.

The new album – ‘One One One’- has a healthy representation in today’s set list. It’s not surprising as it’s a belter, as was this show. It may be very early in the festival proceedings but everyone is in no doubt that they’ve just witnessed one of the shows of the day.

Shining were mind-blowingly good!