God Seed Live at Damnation Festival 2013

God Seed (3)God Seed were one of the most anticipated acts for the cackblabbath.online team at this year’s Damnation Festival. They are a band who have such an air of terror about them, caused mainly by Gaahl and his icey stare…but having never seen them live before, we were keen to find out if they lived up to their explosive reputation.

After having the privilege to interview bassist King Ov Hell earlier on in the day and witness first hand his slightly intimidating demeanor, this only increased our curiosity about this band and what they would have to offer the Damnation crowd.

No time is wasted when they finally arrive on stage; they are straight into their set with ‘Sign Of An Open Eye’, playing to an already packed out Leeds crowd. God Seed are a band who look incredible on stage, a real force to be reckoned with. Everyone at some point in their life should witness front-man Gaahl in front of a crowd. Everything about him is terrifying: from his dark vocals to his deathly slow movement and black-eyed stare…he is not a man you would want to mess with. It’s not all about appearance with him though, he has the talent to back up his reputation. His screams are powerful and vocally, he is faultless.

God Seed (11)Our new friend King Ov Hell certainly looks the part on stage as well, pulling off the ‘Metal God’ look flawlessly as he raises up his bass to play above his head and banging his beautiful hair along with the ominous black metal tones of each track. The set contained a good mix of both Gorgoroth tracks and original God Seed material which suited fans who have followed the sometimes erratic careers of both Gaahl and King Ov Hell since the beginning and gave an us an idea of what the future holds for these guys.

They may not have the most welcoming stage presence, but there is absolutely no denying, God Seed are a must see live band. With talks of a tour with Cult of Luna in progress and work beginning on a new album, God Seed are definitely a band to catch in 2014.